Affordable tiled roof repairs in Adelaide

The roof of a house or commercial building is often forgotten. In the harsh conditions throughout the year our roofs are subjected to extreme heat, hail, heavy rain, and in some places even snow. All of these influences, combined with acidic deposits left by cars and other industrial wastes eat away at the tiles that guard your house from the Australian weather.

Over years of neglect, roof tiles get to a point where a restoration is inevitable. The option for a complete roof replacement is there, however with the costs involved, roof repairs are far more feasible option. A restoration is not as simple as a new coat of paint. Each roof needs to be treated differently depending on the conditions it has been subjected to. Tile Bond Roofing understands this, and takes great pride in completing perfect roof restorations time and time again.

Some roofs suffer from the simple wear and tear afforded to it by the elements and nothing more. Others, like those on houses that are built on clay based soils throughout Adelaide, can be subjected to the same wear and tear as well as additional strain through the movement of the house on its foundations.

This movement can result in cement  on the underside of the ridge caps cracking and perishing, separating the capping from the top most roof tiles and giving rainwater easy access into the ceiling cavity of the premises. In this instance, the roof capping needs rebedding onto fresh cement and repainted to ensure that it’s water tight once more.

Tile Bond Roofing use an industry leading product when repainting any roof during its restoration. This product is slightly elastic and can tolerate a small amount of movement throughout the house without deteriorating like older, more traditional roof repair methods.

Once the repairs are taken care of, Tile Bond Roofing clean and prepare the roof for a brand new coat of sealer and paint. When they leave your property, not only is your roof sure to protect your property from the elements, but it will also be aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the rest of your home. 

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